GORILLA GLUE – is America’s most popular glue, and for good reason.

Damar International stock the full range of Gorilla products, which are well-known for being waterproof, weather-proof and almost irremovable.

Gorilla Glue, as the name suggests, is the toughest adhesive product available.

It bonds effectively on virtually any surface: wood, metal, stone, ceramics, indoors and out, even with dissimilar surfaces.

Resistant to all conditions and temperatures, it is non-toxic when cured and will even work underwater!

GORILLA TAPE – is the extra tough tape for use both outdoors and inside. Strong and reinforced, yet still easy to tear by hand, and now in a range of sizes.

It is completely versatile, able to withstand the elements, and will even to rough and uneven surfaces such as wood, stone and brick.

Gorilla Tape also comes in:
1" Tape to Go, Tough & Wide
and Camo Tape (mottled outdoor design)

GORILLA EPOXY – sets in a matter of minutes, and is the strongest epoxy around.

As with the other Gorilla products, it can bonds on uneven and vertical surfaces of all varieties, including metals, wood and tiles, ensuring that it is the go-to solution for household repairs.

GORILLA WOOD GLUE – is a hard-working, long-lasting PVA designed to stick to all manner of wooden surfaces.

It is excellent when resisting water, too, making it just as tough on outdoor projects.

It also dries in a way that looks natural, meaning you won't even notice any difference!

GORILLA SUPER GLUE – has a new, improved formula to make it faster-acting and able to set in just 10 seconds.

This adhesive is incredibly impact-resistant, and will hold rubber, paper, wood, leather, metal and ceramics firmly in place.

GORILLA SUPER GLUE GEL – is the glue you need if you prefer something that doesn't run and is easier to apply.

With even more control, this is the most user-friendly Gorilla Glue product yet.

If you can name it, this will probably stick it!


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