Damar International stock an exciting new range of cleaning solutions to its rapidly expanding eco-friendly selection of special purpose innovative products, courtesy of Earth Renewable Solutions. All of the super concentrated cleaner products provide excellent value and will last considerably longer than other leading brands.

The entire range is made from ingredients derived from natural, biodegradable, renewable and sustainable botanical resources - principally plant and vegetable derivatives, so protecting our planet Earth in a responsible manner.

All the cleaners are non-hazardous and have never been tested on animals, a claim which cannot be made by so many others on the world cleaning product market. Tried, tested and proven, the toughest-to-clean places can now be tackled with confidence.

For the technically minded, the natural ingredients are transformed into particles called Micelles which are clusters of molecules that attack and soften-up grime and dirt, releasing the bond with the surface more quickly than that of traditional cleaning products, ready to be wiped clean.

Whether used for domestic or commercial cleaning purposes, in homes, offices, shops, restaurants, kitchens, factories, etc., you have a choice of 10 different options for your every need.

Laundry Liquid is a concentrated product which is specifically formulated to provide excellent cleaning of fabrics at low concentrations through the use of highly effective surfactants and enzyme boosters.

The product contains no phosphates, is highly biodegradable and particularly mild to the skin. The product is blue in colour.

Air Freshener is a light blue liquid designed to neutralise unpleasant odours and provide a delightful clean and fresh effect to the air

Heavy Duty Cleaner is an orange / red liquid for those tough greasy and hard to clean areas.

For removing grease, oil, tar and many other difficult to remove soils, whilst being safe on paintwork and is non hazardous to use.

Bathroom Cleaner is a light blue liquid designed for the removal of soap scum, body oil, lime & water scale and rust deposits.

For cleaning toilet bowls, vanities, showers, baths, floor tiles, porcelain and other surfaces in a bathroom.

Car Wash & Shine is a super concentrate clear straw coloured liquid for cleaning and polishing vehicle exteriors.

Will remove road tar, bugs, grease, oil, dirt, salt, tree sap and many more common soils.

Advanced polymeric wax will leave the vehicle with a high shine.

Washing-Up Liquid is formulated to provide a concentrated effective washing up liquid which is safe on hands.

The product is highly biodegradable and contains no phosphates. The product is green in colour.

CNeutral Floor Cleaner is a yellow / golden liquid.

For cleaning floors, walls, woodwork, and other washable surfaces where a neutral pH range solution is desirable. Ideal for high polish floors where the use of harsh detergents could damage the floor polish if present.

Germex is a neutral detergent that will clean and disinfect surfaces, as well as deodorise.

Germex is red in colour.

For cleaning surfaces, toilet bowls, urinals and floors. BS1276 certified.


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